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Our generators range from 10KVA – 2500KVA and have been developed for use in various environments including the tropics and can be supplied in a variety of specifications from basic open units for key start operation to acoustically silenced, fully automatic sets .Consequently we utilize products from internationally renowned manufacturers such as Perkins (UK), Yorc, Cummins, John Deere, Mitsubishi, Deutz, MTU & suppliers such as Eurogenset, Americas Generators and other major machinery suppliers abroad.



We offer the most complete product innovation in the Transformers & Electrification market

Primepower Systems Ltd supplies of high-quality Transformers for Electrification projects.

We engage the best industry standards in delivery services to our esteemed clients. Our brand of transformers comes in a range of capacities from 50KVA – 2.5MV used to interconnect portions of the national power GRID. We undertake the following :

  • High and Medium Voltage levels transmission and distribution
  • Rural Electrification (Both 33KV and 11KV)
  • Medium Voltage and low voltage reticulation
  • Overhead and Underground lines and power distribution
  • Procurement and Installation of power and Distribution transformers
  • Procurement, installation and maintenance of power switch gears, RMU’s e.t.c


We offer the most complete product innovation in the Control Panel market

Our Control panels come in different sizes, ratings and functions. While some are used for switching, others are meant for operation, control and protection. Among the numerous control panels, we provide include the following:

  • Change over switch
  • Automatic transfer switch
  • Low voltage distribution panel
  • High voltage distribution panel
  • Remote start panel for generators
  • D.C protection/trip panel

All these put together, provide convenience for our clients and at the same time, safety for their equipment.

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