How to get optimum performance from your solar power system

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21st June 2017
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How to get optimum performance from your solar power system

Buying a solar power system can be a very exciting experience, but the excitement may turn sour if you are not getting the expected performance from the system. Below are some tips on how to keep optimum performance.

Keep solar panels out of shade
Energy production becomes inefficient when the solar panels are kept from absorbing any sunlight. Hence make sure that there are no new shade issues that weren't there when the system was installed.

Keep panels clean
The cleaner the glass is on the panel, the more unobstructed surface the sun has to work with. How often should you clean your solar panels? That depends on where you live and the weather condition. If there is a lot of construction in your area, or if you have lots of particulates in your air you will probably need to clean more often. Some areas need a weekly washing, while others would be in monthly intervals. Always keep an eye on your panels and when they look like they have a dusty film on them, aim the hose in their direction and let it rip.

Check the Inverters
It is good practice to check your inverter once a week. Check that the lights are working correctly and make sure the inverters are flashing green lights.

Maintenance Schedule
Always schedule a maintenance inspection for your solar power systems with solar tech experts.